israeli recovery?

read in a recent news item, shimon peres quoted as saying israelis have not yet recovered from the holocaust. ok. at the risk of being labelled … i will ask what others may be afraid to … WTF??? one wonders … really, really wonders … when does the world get to hear about the OTHER holocausts that have taken place since WWII? or are we just supposed to keep whining about something that happened over 60 years ago at the expense of everyone else?

the irony is … for a people that are heard saying ‘never again’ … they sure seem so guilty of breaking that vow. just sayin’ is all. (don’t lynch me, ok? last time i checked it was a free country and so … this is what i think. so deal with it!) and … well, i guess we’re not supposed to think of bosnia … rwanda … all those places where mass genocide has occured.

it really is true … the more things change the more they stay the same. how sad. how truly sad. i think our children are hearing the phrase ‘never again’ … but these seem hollow words … with no actions to back them up.

the word hypocrit comes to mind …


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