raising our children

just got back from visiting my oldest and dearest girlfriend. she is a divorced, single mother of three kids: 15, 12 and 9 years old. her kids’ father has little involvement in their upbringing. it was interesting for us to see how someone else raises their kids. very interesting indeed. it made me wonder …

  • should children growing up learn proper manner?
  • should we really still be spanking our children to force their compliance?
  • when does a spanking stop and a beating begin?
  • and what of the way it makes a child feel?
  • does not this, in and of itself, make it wrong?

i remember being spanked
at 2 years old
with a wooden ruler
because i peed my pants.
my dad was angry.
and so i got spanked.
i never forgot
the way it made me feel —
ego crushed.

  • is that how we want to be remembered by our kids?
  • and what of setting limits?
  • is it not compassionate and necessary to teach them how to function in society?
  • should a 9 year old boy still be sleeping with his mother?
  • or screaming from the bed the second he awakes ‘mom i’m hungry!’
  • really? should he?

i’m not the mum of the century,
but my boy can function in society —
you know,
has manners,
and self-sufficient independence.
he would never dream
of showing off to visitors
how well he can fart or belch …
that IS rude, isn’t it?

it’s so easy to collect children – you know, they are a sort of status symbol – but how sad that few of us realize how very difficuly it is to raise them properly. it is so much easier to give in and let them have their way. how sad for those kids. how sad for the parents, too. that they have so little regard for their task as parents.

i would just like to add that the value of fathers is SOOOOOO under-rated. a child needs its father. especially a boy. to all you fathers out there … know that you absolutely do make a difference in the lives of your children. you are NOT just the banker or the sperm donor. those babies … ? they look up to you for so much more.


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