me, the eccentric


velvet acid. that’s me. not what my parents named me. not what appears on my driver’s license. but. its me all the same. i want to get your attention here, in this place. this place where i will try to intelliectually contemplates all the stuff of life and the world around me. the macrocosm. under my own microscope. that’s what i’m doing here.

its depressing, and enraging because the world burns and crumbles before my eyes. i feel helpless. do you? not many in my surrounding society appear concerned. apathy. deadly apathy. deadly. like tossing airliner fuel on a fire.

are we asleep? how do we wake up? did they drug us? drug us with promises of retribution, winning the proverbial fight, and false security? have they manipulated us with false and fundamental religious gobbledeegook? have they exploited tragedy, suffering and fear in an effort to advance their own ideology? how do we wake up? why do we sleep?

i’m velvet. welcome to my world. welcome to the world as i see it. i’m alive. i’m awake. are you?

hey — WAKE UP!

NB: comments always appreciated and, in fact, welcome. however please keep them constructive. from now on i will refuse to engage flames and personal character attacks.

i’m undecided yet, as to whether or not i should altogether remove existing offensive comments that fail to address the discussion of the post in question. for now, i’m inclined to leave them, because its the best way to illustrate their repulsion.

i will, however, not hesitate to delete any further mean-spirited comments and ban their authors from commenting here. i hate to do this, because don’t believe in censorship and realize the important of dialogue, but it is my blog and i will not engage any of that energy here in MY space.

rest assured, if you have come here and attacked me personally in a comment, i have banned you.


3 responses to “me, the eccentric

  1. Velvet,

    Just visited and did a quick read on your blog. While I may have been a bit strident in my response to your post re. Olbermann in Raincoaster’s blog, I think we may actually be fairly close on several issues. If you don’t mind, I think I’d like to visit back here. I promise to be civil, because the idea of free debate is pretty important to me.

    Frontier Editor

  2. Who isn’t strident when it comes to Olbermann, though?

  3. Out looking for ideas on a candle blog and found this site. I’m fresh out of creativity and needed new thoughts on themes, colors, etc. I have some new ideas now, thanks.

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